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MGR – Amazon Weekly News – August 12, 2019

MGR Amazon Weekly Update | August 12, 2019 Top News This Week Amazon is Trying to Squeeze Prices of Sellers With Lower Prices Elsewhere Amazon removed the provision in their Seller Agreement that prohibited sellers from offering a lower price outside of Amazon back in March, but

Shopify’s Fulfillment – Amazon News for Sellers & Advertisers – Metasearch for Travel – Disney’s New Streaming Bundle | MGR Unplugged

Listen now on your favorite podcast platform: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | Stitcher | Overcast Today on MGR Unplugged we cover a variety of Marketing news including: Shopify’s new fulfillment option, Amazon news for seller and advertisers, online travel agencies vs. hotels’ direct bookings, and Disney’s new streaming bundle. Shopify announces a

What You Need to Know to Start Selling on Amazon

This article is meant to be a quick reference guide for new or existing Amazon Sellers that want to ensure that their store is in compliance with Amazon’s latest terms and conditions.  It provides you with additional information that is key to selling successfully on Amazon. Amazon

MGR – Amazon Weekly News – August 5, 2019

MGR Amazon Weekly Update | August 5, 2019 Top News This Week Amazon Has Made Multiple Changes to its ‘Business Solutions Agreement’ That Will Go Into Effect on August 16th Amazon is making changes to 8 different sections of the agreement that all sellers sign off on

MGR – Amazon Weekly News – July 30, 2019

MGR Amazon Weekly Update | July 30, 2019 Top News This Week Amazon Updates IP Policy to Better Protect Sellers From Trademark and Patent Infringement Amazon has made some key changes to Brand Registry (ABR) and is expanding Project Zero. The biggest change to ABR is brands

How to Meet Amazon’s New Product Title Requirements

If you’re an eCommerce retailer, you already know that the title that you assign for your products is critically important for all organic searches as well as paid campaigns and keyword optimization.  This is especially important for Amazon product listings where your products are surrounded by hundreds

How to Handle Marketing Data in a Way That Develops Customer Trust

Through the use of software, the internet, and other technology-driven strategies, more data is being collected than ever before. As a business owner, you probably already noticed this phenomenon. Your customers have noticed as well. The customers who understand what is happening know about the privacy implications

Four Advertising Updates from Google that You May Have Missed

The following article is based on information and content originally created by WordStream. In case you missed it, earlier this year, Google made a number of significant announcements during their Google Marketing Live 2019 Conference.  Let’s take a look at four new updates that will affect current

Shopify + Social Media – A Winning Combination for Online Selling

  As more consumers spend time on social media, these platforms are making it easier to shop and buy in one place. For example, sellers on Pinterest can use Shop the Look Pins to promote products to users. Earlier this year, Instagram also introduced Product Tags that let users buy products they

MGR Book Club – Summer Edition

In this episode, Manuel is joined by David Gil, host of The Edge Podcast, to go over some of the books we’ve been reading lately.We cover the pros and cons of the various book formats, eBooks, audiobooks, physical books, as well as some of the books that