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Shopify + Social Media – A Winning Combination for Online Selling

  As more consumers spend time on social media, these platforms are making it easier to shop and buy in one place. For example, sellers on Pinterest can use Shop the Look Pins to promote products to users. Earlier this year, Instagram also introduced Product Tags that let users buy products they

Are Amazon Lightning Deals Worth It?

One of the most visited pages on all of Amazon is the “Today’s Deals” page, where customers are able to quickly see the deals across Amazon for that day. For sellers, they are able to pay their way on to this page by creating what are called

How to Boost Your Sales Through eCommerce Automation

As an eCommerce Marketing Agency, one of the comments that we hear more frequently from our clients and prospects is their overwhelming need to get organized as their business grows. Growth is a beautiful thing, but it can also kill a company if it’s not managed properly. 

MGR Amazon Weekly News Update – May 27, 2019

Amazon is Increasing the Cost to Run Prime Day Deals This Year Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest opportunities of the year for Amazon sellers, but Amazon is increasing the price to entry. To run what are called “Lightning Deals” on Prime Day it will

Facebook Improves Campaign Metrics – Implements Restrictions to Facebook Live

Starting March 12, Facebook has implemented a number of updates to campaign metrics and audiences to ensure they provide accurate, actionable, and aligned data that supports real business needs. According to Facebook, these updates include: Potential reach: We will update how we estimate potential reach so that

All Things Amazon – Latest News for Sellers, Vendors and Advertisers

In this episode, Manuel is joined by David Gil, MGR Agency’s Amazon expert to go over the latest news related to Amazon’s Sellers, Vendors and Advertisers.  A must listen for all businesses selling on Amazon! 01:30 – Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors.  Understanding the difference 03:30 –

How to Boost Your Product Sales Through Amazon Live

Unless you’ve lived in a cave or hidden off the grid over past few years, I’m sure you’ve heard of YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Instagram Live… and very likely used those channels more than once either recording your own videos or watching your friends’ videos. But

Becoming Digital First: The Challenge and Opportunity

Today’s episode was a short conversation discussing both the challenges and opportunities that exist in the now digital first business world. How can companies adapt and thrive? Today’s episode was a short conversation discussing both the challenges and opportunities that exist in the now digital first business

Airbnb Battles Online Travel Agencies & Marriott Battles Airbnb

Airbnb Continues to Battle Online Travel Agencies Just fresh off the acquisition of Hotel Tonight, Airbnb is clearly positioning itself to face Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) head on.  With Hotel Tonight, Airbnb can now take a piece of the market on repeat bookings OTA style. It seems

Facebook F8 Conference Highlights

“The future is private.” > View Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote Facebook’s F8 developer conference took place earlier this week.  Interestingly, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this year overall theme is that “the future is private.” And while there is always room for stronger encryption, more secure data storage,