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Anthony “Doc” Ameen – From Battlefield Tragedy to Founding Wings for Warriors

My guest in this episode of MGR Unplugged is a very honest and inspirational man.  His name is Anthony “Doc” Ameen.  He’s a combat veteran who was severely wounded in 2008 while operating in Afghanistan.  He underwent 34 surgeries to reconstruct several parts of his body, however,

MGR Book Club – Summer Edition

In this episode, Manuel is joined by David Gil, host of The Edge Podcast, to go over some of the books we’ve been reading lately.We cover the pros and cons of the various book formats, eBooks, audiobooks, physical books, as well as some of the books that

Are Amazon Lightning Deals Worth It?

One of the most visited pages on all of Amazon is the “Today’s Deals” page, where customers are able to quickly see the deals across Amazon for that day. For sellers, they are able to pay their way on to this page by creating what are called

Autonomous Vehicles – Beyond the Headlines

 A decade ago, the cars that can drive themselves were just a subject of sci-fi movies.  But today, due to companies like Waymo, Tesla, Ford and many others, autonomous vehicles are quickly becoming a reality.  Here’s a glimpse of where we are beyond the headlines. There

Airbnb Battles Online Travel Agencies & Marriott Battles Airbnb

Airbnb Continues to Battle Online Travel Agencies Just fresh off the acquisition of Hotel Tonight, Airbnb is clearly positioning itself to face Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) head on.  With Hotel Tonight, Airbnb can now take a piece of the market on repeat bookings OTA style. It seems

Facebook F8 Conference Highlights

“The future is private.” > View Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote Facebook’s F8 developer conference took place earlier this week.  Interestingly, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this year overall theme is that “the future is private.” And while there is always room for stronger encryption, more secure data storage,

Instagram May Hide Likes & Google Dominates Hotel Reviews

Instagram May Hide Likes Count on Photos Instagram is considering hiding the like count on photos, so followers can’t see how many people have liked an individual post. As demonstrated by code hunter Jane Wong, the still unreleased feature would publicly hide like counts. In her test

Amazon Advertising – The Vendors Dilemma

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how Amazon is giving some of its vendors an ultimatum to either lower their prices so that Amazon can make a profit selling them or they can forget about Amazon promoting those products for them. I also mentioned that

3 Things That Modern Consumers Care About Most

What consumers want and expect from businesses gradually changes over time. Now that online technologies and devices have become widespread, the web is more integral in a person’s life. Customers want to feel connected with businesses. Today’s generations are also more ethically focused. Modern consumers have begun

How Millennials Influence eCommerce Habits in 2019

It’s no secret that eCommerce keeps growing both in sales volume and transaction value year after year.  One of the key factors for this growth is the generational shift combined with the growth of eCommerce solutions over the past decade.  When it comes to shopping online, millennials